Hello out there.

hi. wow, this is exciting. i’m about to start my own blog. at this point I have no idea what this is going to be about, i think i just want to share some thoughts. i’m at a point in my life where i think much about life in general, what i want to do with my life, what love really means to me, feminism and stuff like that. i don’t have a concept, but i think we’re all fine with that.

before I ever publish my real share, i want to thank my biggest inspirations here on the internet: Maxi from earthlingmaxi and Amy Lee from vagabond youth. i’ve been following them for years, i’ve seen them growing with their business and they inspire me so much, I can say that they contributed to the way i am today. and i thought: hey, when they can do something on the internet, i can try too. let’s see what will happen.

also: i’m sorry if my english sounds weird or something, but i’m no native speaker. so already sorry for that!